Dr Frank Stenger at the IMPACT workshop (2nd from left on the picture).

In April, ROMEO representatives attended two high profile events in Brussels.

Impact Workshop for the Sustainable Process Industry Public-Private Partnership Projects (21, 22 April) – The aim of this workshop was twofold: (i) to present the results of EU funded research and innovation projects in the field of the Sustainable Process Industry Public-Public Private Partnership (SPIRE cPPP) and (ii) to identify the ways to maximize the benefits of project clusters.

58 projects (including ROMEO) were presented during the first day. ROMEO’s scientific coordinator, Dr Frank Stenger was invited to chair the first session on “Efficient processes”.

During the second day, four success stories were presented to the floor, including people such as Rudolf W. Strohmeier, Deputy Director General, Research Programmes, European Commission.

“There were very intensive conversations during this IMPACT workshop. We will definitely take the messages and recommendations on board, especially around maximizing impact and successful innovation strategy for the process industry” says Dr Marc Oliver Kristen, ROMEO Project Manager.

SPIRE projects conference (20 April) – 34 European projects were represented, with 29 of them providing a general overview. Projects were grouped by SPIRE according to common themes and ROMEO (Dr Elsa Kassardjian, communications officer) presented in the “Process optimization” session. This conference was a great opportunity to find out more about other SPIRE projects and to plan future collaborations. A video on ROMEO was shot in Brussels and is available from the Communications corner of this website.