Demonstration Plants

Two demonstration plants to show the scalability to full scale industrial processes will be built. The partners intend to use two very different model reactions to show that the reactor concept has broad applications:

Linde_equipment1A demo plant for hydroformylation

Evonik will be constructing a demo plant for hydroformylation. This facility will convert olefins and syngas to aldehydes. Among other applications, aldehydes are used as precursors for plasticizer alcohols.



Linde_equipment2A demo plant for water-gas shift reaction

Linde intends to demonstrate the feasibility of the reactor’s concept for the water-gas shift reaction, in which carbon monoxide (CO) and water react to form hydrogen (H2). If the new reactor concept is successful using CO or CO-containing syngas derived from biomass, the ROMEO researchers will have found a way of generating hydrogen from biogenic waste materials, for example wood waste.

Processes for bulk chemicals and bio energy applications chosen
to demonstrate the high impact of the ROMEO technology
in a near industrial environment.