Partners interviews

Browse through the individual interviews we are conducting with the researchers involved in ROMEO. You’ll discover what their role is in the project, what is appealing to them in being researchers, and much more.

12_Alexander-Limper_Sept2017     11_Miguel-Banares_Sept2017     10_Jakob_Mar2017     9_Gilbert_Mar2017
….Alexander Limper                                Miguel A. Bañares                                      Jakob Marinkovic                                           Gilbert RIOS
..PhD student at the RWTH                  Full research Professor at CSIC               PhD student at DTU                                      CEO of the EMH


8_Reinhard_Mar2017     7_AlexanderW_Sep2016     6_Bjorn_Sep2016     5_Patrick_Sep2016
….Reinhard Rauch                                 Alexander Weiss                                         Björn Schichtel                                               Patrick Wolf
..BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH               PhD student at FAU                                  LINDE AG,Germany                                        PhD student at FAU

4_RaquelSep2016     3_Haris_Mar2016     2_MortenMar2016     1_MartinFeb2016
. ..Raquel Portela                                    Haris Kadrispahic                                         Morten Logemann                                         Martin Wiese
Researcher at ICP-CSIC                   LiqTech International                                   PhD student at RWTH                                  PhD student at RWTH

More interviews of the ROMEO project team members are made available each 6 months from this page.