Into ROMEO’s Reactor

3_Process_intensificationA “two-in-one” reactor

ROMEO’s reactor is based on a catalytically active membrane. Depending on the properties of the membrane, either the product or byproduct will then pass through the membrane once the reaction has taken place at the catalyst surface. Chemical synthesis and downstream processing are carried out in a single step thanks to the reactor concept. In this “two-in-one” reactor, key components are continuously removed from the reaction mixture as soon as they are formed.

Reaction and downstream processes steps
combined into a single unit.


5_Process_intensificationA nano to macro toolbox

ROMEO intends to get detailed understanding of the processes involved in its new reactor from nanoscale (e.g. catalyst phase, membrane, transport across and inside the membrane) to macro-scale (e.g. heat and mass flow, industrial process design). The new know-how will be used to develop a flexible reactor design method: the different components will be as many pieces of a flexible tool-box tailored for the specific requirements of a wide range of applications.

A modular construction of the reactor
for easier later scale-up.

Demonstration plants to show the extent of the reactor concept’s applications are also on ROMEO’s agenda: visit Demonstration Plants to learn more about the demo.