22 Sep 2015
September 22, 2015

ROMEO’s kick-off Meeting

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ROMEO’s kick-off meeting was organised by Evonik. It took place on 22 September 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. The workplan was carefully detailed for everyone to find their bearings in this ambitious project. Many lively bilateral conversations also took place to discuss scientific and technological pending details for the Work Packages to start.

ROMEO’s team during kick-off meeting

On the eve of the kick-off meeting, Project manager Marc Oliver Kristen invited the ROMEO’s partners to a cryptic “cooking event”. Strapped in purple aprons, the partners ended up chopping tomatoes, mixing ingredients, preparing mayonnaise and eventually tasting their jointly prepared (surprisingly?) delicious dinner. Definitely a funny warmup experience!

Proof of joint effort displayed below:
KO_dinner_300px Warmup_dinner_3






Warmup_dinner500pxROMEO’s team during dinner on the eve of kick-off meeting