All the members of the ROMEO’s consortium are joining to congratulate their colleague Miguel A. Bañares, full Research Professor at CSIC in Madrid. We are really proud to rely on the bests!

Portrait3_webThe Université de Caen Normandie (France) is giving Prof. Dr. Miguel A. Bañares the Doctor Honoris Causa degree in recognition to his seminal contribution in the implementation of an advanced methodology that characterizes catalytic materials while they are working, digressing from the traditional approach of catalytic studies that combined the characterization of the fresh and used catalyst, missing the actual state of the catalyst at work.

This innovative path, which is now highly praised, is called “operando” methodology, term that Bañares coined. “Operando” is the present continuous tense in Latin of operare, i.e., “working”. It also acknowledges Bañares’ collaborative work with Prof. Dr. Marco Daturi’s group at Université de Caen to expand this methodology to real working shaped catalysts and the combination of two molecular spectroscopies: Raman and infrared.

CSIC, as leader of the porous ceramic monoliths fabrication in the frame of ROMEO (task 3 of the WP2, Membrane development) already shows us new insights and research prospects to go further!